Information system
Product introduction
  • 01
    Labor dispatch

    1. Transfer of employment risks

    2. Avoiding legal risks

    3. Pay social insurance / pay on behalf of

  • 02
    Job outsourcing

    1.Rapid arrival of personnel

    2.Ensure staff stability

    3. Take on employment risks

  • 03
    Data annotation

    1.Quantitative data output

    2. Quality assurance of submitted data

    3. Annotate data security

Selling point
Application scenarios
  • 01
    Data annotation

    An AI unicorn company has launched a self-driving project that requires a large number of voice annotations and picture annotations. A professional quality inspection team recruits 100 people in a short period of time to complete customer output requirements. It is difficult to control voice projects and it is difficult to control the annotation. Mark the requirements to increase the qualified rate to 95%. Obtained high recognition from Party A's company.

  • 02
    Frontline employees are highly mobile

    In a group company, the assembly line has a large number of front-line operators, and the personnel is highly mobile. The HR team is dedicated to managing front-line employees, which consumes a lot of energy; front-line employees have made several troubles because of the handling of labor disputes and the treatment of work injuries, which have negatively affected the company itself. The enterprise considers adopting the dispatch method. After finding the company, it re-signs a standardized labor contract with the front-line employees, and employs the labor dispatch method to transfer the employment risks reasonably. The HR team focuses on the core business and the benefits are improved.

  • 03
    Office employee replacement during pregnancy

    An intelligent building company has stable business development and low team mobility. An HR who is mainly responsible for recruiting has been able to meet the development requirements of the company. At the beginning of the year, the company's HR was pregnant. The company could not complete the corresponding work considering the physical condition of the HR. Provide monthly settlement of offshore recruitment leases. During the period of HR discomfort, remotely provide original recruitment services to complete the tasks assigned by the company as required; at the same time, reduce the workload of HR during pregnancy. HR later returned to the company after maternity leave. Ended the lease relationship. The company's business was not affected during this period, and the transition was smooth.

  • 04
    Provisional new project delivery

    An Internet O2O unicorn company holds a large-scale offline conference and exhibition. It temporarily requires 20 operators for conference and exhibition invitations. From negotiation to staff delivery in 3 days, the conversion rate of conference and exhibition invitations exceeds 50%. Eventually, the exhibition was successfully held. Identify long-term relationships.

  • 05
    Unit post restrictions

    Due to the limitation of job creation in a state-owned enterprise, there are gaps in the number of basic posts. Through one month's negotiation and recruitment, the staff was put in place quickly, hr did not increase the workload, and the employee retention satisfaction was high. During the outsourcing process, employees performed positively and business execution was highly recognized by the employer.